Driving Lesson Romford Tips: Speed Limits on British Roads

When it comes to driving you need to understand the dos and don’ts to avoid any accident. Some driving school may or many not include in-depth details when it comes to driving. But here we will show you some good driving lesson Romford tips that you will find very useful in everyday life.

There are different speed limits which can be applied with your car depending on the type of road and the vehicle you’re driving. You must not exceed the maximum speed limit set for the road and your type of vehicle, otherwise, you will face stiff penalties. And remember that in our modern world today, the law is accurately setting the amount of each speeding offense as aided by cameras elsewhere along the road never failing to catch your infringement.

It is therefore worth bearing in mind that when you are driving your car or motorcycle, you are only given 30 miles per hour (mph) or 48 kilometres per hour (kph) speed limit on built-up areas, 60 mph or 96 kph on single carriageway and 70 mph or 112 kph on both dual carriageway and motorways.

Speed Limits

The cars towing trailers or caravans have also their own speed limits different from the other cars running on various types of roads which mean the type of your driven car has some bearing to fit to the given speed limit as provided by law. Any violation thereof may see you doubly liable for the damages of life and properties in the event of an accident.

The cars towing caravans or trailers just like motorcycles are given 30 mph or 48 kph speed limit on built-up areas, 50 mph or 81 kph on single carriageway, and 60 mph or 96 kph on both dual carriageway and motorways. The speed regulation however didn’t specify further what the best car is for towing a caravan in relation to speed limit since it’s hard to determine because the first chance most people get to see if their car is any good for certain speed limit and with a load on the back are after they’ve bought a car.

Remember that the speed limit is the maximum of your travel so it doesn’t mean it’s safe to drive at that speed irrespective of conditions. Driving at speeds too fast than the given limit for such type of the road and traffic conditions can be very dangerous. So the function of speed limits and its signs being put up along the roads or motorways are essential tool to prevent road accidents.

Also, bear in mind that any of your violation against the speed limits may be recorded by UK’s busiest speed camera that have already snapped up 9,000 offenses in just one year and garnered £190,000 in fines. And be informed that this type of camera is located at M60, Junction 25 in Manchester, UK. It issued the most speeding offenses compared to other commonly used cameras across Britain.

It’s necessary that drivers should always concentrate on the road so that they can spot any new road signs or changes in speed limits and be aware of what other motorists are doing at wheel. Study shows that one in six  or 15 per cent of British drivers were caught out by recent changes of local speed limits, with a further one in five or 19 per cent saying the speed limit was not clearly displayed so they weren’t aware what the limit was at the time they were caught over speeding.

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