Refresher Lessons /Courses

Refresher training will be based upon your individual needs, and can be very useful and there are different options available if:

  • You passed your test some years ago but have never driven or driven for some time.
  • Have had a break from driving due to circumstances or health.
  • You have passed your test but feel you need more tuition on a particular aspect of your driving. For example, parking on busy streets or in car parks.
  • Not covered motorway driving in your lessons and chose not to do the PASS PLUS course.
  • You have let your driving skills get slightly “rusty” and as a result may have lost your confidence and you feel you need help in improving your overall driving skills.
  • Your company wishes you to have an insurance assessment before driving the company car.

The length of the driving refresher training will be geared to your needs.

Wests School of Motoring, based in Romford, Essex are qualified driving instructors and can quickly get you back on track and help you regain those skills and confidence required to drive safely.

Sometimes all that is needed is a few refresher training lessons, rather than a full blown driving refresher course.

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