Driving Instructor Romford Tips: Important Skills to Improve as a New Driver

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Improving your skills as a new driver is not only beneficial to you but it also enhances your car’s performance. Until you decide to shell out from a high-performance driving school, there are some exercises designed to start you on the road to becoming a better driver. All are taught or based on principles taught, at high-performance driving schools Romford.

Making one smooth brake application. While on practice, you have to look ahead and select a point where you want to stop. Then, until you reach a pedal pressure that will bring you to a stop at that point, maintain that level until the car is stationary. The application should be seamless, meaning if you have a passenger or companion he shouldn’t be able to tell when the brake pads touch the rotors. The exercise of this skill will also increase your ability to make precise speed and distance assessments.

But the main goal is to teach the smooth brake application necessary to extract top stopping power without unsettling the suspension, a skill vital for everything from quick racetrack laps to preventing motion sickness. Perfecting this skill will bring you to a level of how advanced drivers make smooth brake application. While maintaining smoothness, reduce the time between initiation and maximum pressure. But take note that smooth isn’t the same as slow. Become proficient at braking, and then adapt the technique for the accelerator would really improve you as a new driver.

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