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Constant exercise or practice makes you perfect with your acquired basic skills, and at the same time you can obey all traffic laws. Amongst some the skills that you might find it very useful in passing your test are written below.

  • Develop a smooth brake release while coming to a stop. In the last few feet before stopping, smoothly reduce pedal pressure to seamless transition between motion and stillness. The front suspension shouldn’t rise perceptibly until just as the car comes to rest, and then it should unload slowly and fluidly without rebounding. This will teach you to effectively manage weight transfer during the critical transition between braking and cornering. When you’re hustling a car it’s far more important how and at what speed the brakes are released than how late into the corner they’re applied. Now practice this exercise without coming to a stop. Watch your hands, young man!
  • Turning the wheel. You have to practice a constant-radius corner with one motion of the steering wheel into the turn and one motion out. Advanced drivers can try increasing-rate turn-ins for tight corners. This requires turning the wheel slowly for the first portion of its travel, then seamlessly transitioning to a quicker steering rate before again slowing as the maximum steering angle for the turn is approached. This technique smoothly rolls the car onto its outside suspension and the tyres onto their sidewalls, preparing both to accept cornering forces.
  • Positioning the car within your lane. Select or make a mark a little more than halfway up the windshield. While using your peripheral vision to, notice how often you look above that mark and, thus, far ahead of your vehicle. Look far ahead and you will be better able to accurately make braking, steering, and acceleration decisions.
  • Feeling the behaviour of the vehicle. This includes lateral stability, acceleration, braking distance, etc. When you learn how to feel the vehicle, you’ll be able to drive anything at its verge.

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