Driving School Romford: Frequent Problem in Driving Test

Driving Instructors in RomfordA lot of problems can be encountered on the conduct of driving test in reputable driving school Romford, but you should be aware of what’s frequently occurring among them, so you can avoid it and prevent any road accident. But the inquiry lies on why it happens frequently? It’s because it’s too hard for every learner driver to learn it fast.

So, it needs a lot of hard work both for the driving instructor Romford and the student driver in teaching or learning things which are too hard to be learned. So, what is it? When learner drivers are passing parked vehicles, they usually do it too closely, just like a scene of a near-miss collision.

Since it’s a frequent problem on driving test, you should find the solution. And remember that any solution could never work without a thorough and constant practice. So, here it is: Try to allow a gap of one metre from door to door when passing parked vehicle.

However, if the passing is impossible at that time due to road widths, reducing your speed is essential to avoid hitting that parked vehicle. Also watch out if that car’s door opens as somebody gets out from it, so to avoid hitting them.

Aside from park vehicles, another problem may occur as student drivers usually are passing cyclists on the road too closely. Always remember this again and again that passing closely a cyclist can fail you easily in your driving test. So again, remember to allow at least one metre gap in areas where they’re not on a cycle lane.

So, when passing cyclists, just follow a very simple rule on the road based on a common sense. If you’re not sure for your safety and at the same time not also sure for the safety of the cyclists, don’t pass them. You instead hold back for a while behind them until you are confident and all are safe as you pass them.

When you’ve already developed the skill of how to safely turn your vehicle left or right on the road, there’s only just a little practice for you to also develop the skill of passing parked vehicle. Therefore it’s also essential to prioritise the mastering of this skill.

If your vehicle is positioned too close to the left side of the road, you’ll be hitting the curb when you’re turning left or even mounting the pavement. Make sure you remain in the centre of the road before turning.

On the other hand, making a safe right turn depends on your car’s position on the road. A bad position will result in hitting the curb because you’ve turned too wide or have cut off the corner of the junction. If you can’t master them this time, you’re likely to result in a test failure. So, make sure that you position your car correctly. And the correct position is at the left of centre line. Then, use the point of turn. You can use the web for further information.