Driving Lessons In Romford Pass with Wests


Gina passed with Wests School of Motoring, Romford

Driving Lessons in Romford saw some outstanding driving today when Gina Christoforou past her Practical Driving Test at Goodmayes Test Centre with only ‘2’ minor driving faults. Gina was an absolute pleasure to teach and she certainly deserved the result she got”. Gina took a series of two hourly driving lessons in Romford to pass her practical driving test. High praise indeed, well done! what a fantastic achievement now to the Pass Plus Course. You have worked so hard for this, I wish you all the best when you get your own car and I hope you get many years of happy and safe motoring.

After you have passed your test

Well done, you’ve passed! With the new licenses, they will take your photo card off you and send it away for a replacement. If you have a slightly older license, you will have to send it off for replacement yourself (for a fee). If you send it off yourself then you will need to send the paper part, photo card, cheque for the fee and your pass certificate.
You are allowed to drive as soon as you have received the pass certificate, you don’t need to wait for your new licence. You just need to make sure that you are insured to drive the car you’ll be driving.

Probationary Period

When you have passed your driving test you will be subject to a two year probationary period. This applies to anyone driving on a licence issued by the DVLA. The two year period begins on the day you first pass the practical test – not when you first drive a car after you have passed your test.

If during the probationary period, you are convicted of driving offences for which six or more penalty points are awarded, your licence will be revoked. If your full driving licence is revoked, you will be treated as if you never passed a driving test. To continue driving, you will have to get a provisional driving licence again and drive with L plates until you have passed both the theory and practical parts of the driving test again.

You cannot appeal the revocation of your licence. However, you can appeal against the conviction or sentence which brought the number of penalty points up to 6 or more, you can apply to the DVLA to have your licence restored pending the result of the appeal. If the court notifies the DVLA that the sentence is under appeal, the full licence should be restored without a further test. There is no minimum period for which the licence must be revoked. As soon as you have passed both the theory and practical parts of another driving test, you can apply for a new full licence. However, the penalty points will remain on the driver’s licence for four years from the date of your offence. After four years you can ask the DVLA to have them removed from your licence.