Tips on Passing your Driving Test After Taking Driving Lesson Romford

Driving Standards AgencyEarnest preparations top in the list of tips on passing your Driving Test after taking your driving lesson Romford. Prepare both for the written and practical tests.

Be at the best of health by having enough sleep. Bear in mind that every undertaking in life needs serious preparation of your mind and body to be in top shape that will bring you well to the avenue of success.

Read the “Driver’s Guide” booklet. In this Manual, you will find almost everything that will guide you how to pass both written and actual driving tests. You will learn the basic rules of the road including speed limits in different zones. Read it from chapter to chapter and have somebody to quiz you after each chapter.

If you can answer around 80 per cent of the questions, go to the next chapter. After reading the whole booklet, ask again to be quizzed about the whole Manual. Any chapter that you don’t do well, re-read it. Then, re-read the whole booklet three times a week within the span of four weeks. If you can do this, your chances of passing are very high.

Always take it in advance. Practise driving on the actual test routes. Find out in advance the roads where you will be taking the practical test. Have actual orientation of these roads with a licensed driver beside you. You have to practise all the basic manoeuvres such as stopping, starting the car, backing, signaling and parking. You also have to practise obeying the speed limit and all traffic control signs and signals. On the day of your test, make sure that you arrive in advance at least 15 minutes prior to your time of appointment. You must have brought with you the completed and signed driver’s log, driver’s education certificate, driving time with an instructor’s certificate, social security card and birth certificate for purposes of identification.

Here are some of the tips that you will find it very useful in taking your test. Always remember to take safe driving lessons Romford and learn only from fully qualified instructor!