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Driving Lessons in Romford

“This man is such a brilliant driving instructor, makes anyone so confident and comfortable behind the wheel so quickly. Felt like my dad taking me for driving lessons without the shouting lol really treats you like a friend rather than a teacher – passed me and my boyfriend and my friend from college! If you don’t learn with Phil West – you aint learning from the Best (HAHA I RHYMED PHIL!!- BE PROUD!!!) Seriously though, he is such a good teacher – he will go out of his way to make you laugh when your feeling discouraged & has a ridiculous amount of banter! wouldn’t recommend anyone else & trust me we went to a stupid amount of schools.” 


” Past first time! Phil is a diamond bloke and a great instructor. Pushes you and makes you a much better driver fror it!. Listen to him and you’re sure to pass.” – Alec Butcher


“Highly professional and treats you like a friend. Honest and a good laugh. He’ll get you there, that’s a garauntee. Loved learning with him and will always recommend him.” – Paul Mark Synnott


“Phil is such a good driving instructor, I tried a few nd he was defo the best! V patient nd explains everything really well. I highly recommend taking lessons with him ! Xx” – Jess Hayward


“Highly recommended driving instructor. I passed first time and it’s down to phil’s good technique and communication. See your for yourself!!!” – Sharon Hemmings Tom Spurling


“Phil is highly recommended instructor. We are deeply thankful for his devotion and effort that he puts in for his students.” – Farhan Maqbool


“Top instructor. Didn’t think I would do it but patience and great communication from an instructor is vital. Thanks Mr W!”  – Lee Byrne


“Phil is the best driving instructor it just shows that not always whats cheap is bad. thanks for all your help” – Popa Codrut Constantin