Peak Time Congestion Worsening in London

There may be a time in our life that whatever we do to find solution to our problem, still our efforts in doing it just come to waste or to no avail whatsoever. It is the same frustrating scenarios on the roads of the British capital these days. Despite having a lot of measures to fight congestion, more than anywhere else in the United Kingdom (UK), London has its commuters suffer worst rush hour traffic misery.

All these observations on the prevailing traffic woes have been backed up by credible electronic machine called “In-Car Telematics.” The data analysis of this machine has revealed that commuters in London get the peak time worst deal with average speed of thirty per cent slower compared to those across other cities in the UK.

It may be understandable in many instances because London as the capital city of Great Britain is not only the centre of commerce and trade in UK but also in Europe and the World. When trading becomes bullish in a certain metropolis, the usual indicator is the rising problems of congestion. In the absence of unity of concerned government officials in close coordination with responsible drivers, such rush-hour traffic problems will stay perennial.

Other cities across the country obviously have showed lesser volumes of vehicles on the roads which can also be reflected with the flow of the economic activities in these areas. Therefore, it can be said as the price of any economic development which is nowhere near its immediate resolution as in other cities across the globe, congestions have already become a way of life.

Some solutions to these problems may be found in the more advancement of science and technology such as creating more jobs for the growing population in which more people can lessen the frequency of their travel or movement of people from one place to another. One example is the advent of online jobs using the internet. The number of people working in the business is currently growing in number. They just work and earn at the comfort of their home and they need not go for travel far along the motorways to get to their workplace.

Other advanced and rich countries of the world also have their metropolises constructed with numerous skyways thus reducing remarkably the congestion of vehicles and pedestrians. It actually requires more focus and determination because of the huge expenditures for infrastructures being allotted by their governments for this purpose.

Very recently, there was a thorough study by Direct Line Drive Plus on the twenty million miles of data gathered through the In-Car Telematics. It shows that during rush hours in Westminster vehicles travel 10.06 miles per hour as an average speed. The other biggest cities in UK get the figure of 14.38 miles per hour. In Peterborough, one can find the fastest commuters in entire Great Britain at an average peak time speed of 19.25 miles per hour. York followed it at 17.64 mph and then Oxford at 17.19 miles per hour.

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