Learning All About L Plates From Driving Instructors Hornchurch

Wests School of Motoring Romford Essex L PlatesAn L plate is a plate with a big bold red letter “L” which means “Learner.” Although learner drivers may hate this plate for they have done as much effort as to get away from being learners as quick as possible, yet this sign will essentially give notice to a lot of motorists around as you practise driving with your qualified driving instructors Hornchurch, so to give them caution for your car’s unpredictable movement, thus preventing any road accident.

Proper displaying of an L plate has been required by law for the practice of learner drivers behind the steering wheel on the road in the United Kingdom (UK). Therefore it must comply with the standard size which must be sufficiently visible by the other drivers around.  An L plate size must comply with the British government regulations and should follow the dimensions on the diagram as detailed.

Remember that L plates over time can become bent or torn especially on motorbikes. So, it may seem logical to simply tidy it up by trimming the edges. However, your L plate size wouldn’t be complying with UK regulation. So, if you’ll be stopped by the police, it may result in a fixed fine of £60 along with three penalty points on your licence.

If in case your L plates become faded, defaced or torn, you can purchase new ones to eliminate a possible penalty. Remember that you must always need not only an L plate but L plates because it must be put in proper place at the front and the rear of your vehicle.

Remember further that placing an L plate on the front and rear of a learner driver’s car does not mean you’re already safe from the eyes of the police. You must fasten them properly as not to obscure other important information on the car.

There is also a possibility that your L plates are falling off. As mentioned previously, a learner driving a car without L plates is illegal. So, if these L plates keep falling off from time to time, it is not only a potentially disadvantageous police issue against you, but understandably a costly one as you will face the consequence of your infraction.

So, today if you’re buying the correct L plates for the surface they are to be placed visibly on, will really make a difference. So you better buy your L plates now. Some people are buying them because an L plate tends to fall off when you reach high speed or when blown by harsh wind. Generally, there are three different types of L plates you can buy:

(1.)  Magnetic strips at the bottom and the top portion

(2.)  Magnet covering at the entire rear of the L plate

(3.)  L plates with sticky back

The L plates with sticky back are usually successful in not falling off. Although the glue used on these plates is not dependably strong. In order not to cause damage to the vehicle’s paint, be careful in placing them. Sticky plates for this reason can still fall off, so some people don’t like to use them for fear of paint damage.

Whichever plates you decide on, make sure the vehicle’s surface is free from dirt, dust and grease before placing them on. This actually sounds obvious, but a lack of sufficient cleaning often caused the L plates falling off.