Driving School Romford: Practical Guide for Passing Your Driving Test

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So much rides on your ego, popularity, credibility and even your freedom make driving test a dreaded thing to get into. You still could not imagine how your days can be shattered when you fail. What your friends might say negatively, ruining your popularity and credibility and inflicting your ego mind with pain leaving in your memories an imprint of negative experience indelible for a lifetime.

But you have to think that plenty of the best drivers in the world, who become famous for their skills, failed their first driving test. They moved on and before they know it, they are already reaching such an amazing fame and fortune which are not even in their wildest dream. Some of them have become racetrack champions.

No less than Formula One world champion Jenson Button, failed his first driving test. But look at him now. So, just relax and be calm and put your possible failure to be trailing on Button’s life’s direction, imagining like duplicating his feat in the future days.

As we know exactly the intensity of pressure you are feeling before going into your driving test, which is why we’ve been calling on the assistance of a bona fide expert on this matter to guide you through the do’s and don’t’s of preparing you for catching that sweet ticket to motoring freedom in the world.

Assistant Chief Driving Examiner Ashley Bateman of the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) is of great help when it comes to the driving test since he has pretty much seen all of your fears and pressures. So, step aside now and let him tell you how you could best prepare the theory and practical elements of the driving test.

Bateman said the theory test is vital because it shows you understand the rules of the road and the type of hazards you can encounter whilst you are behind the steering wheel. The theory is in two parts (1.) multiple choice test, and (2.) hazard perception test. These two parts are both computer-based, so you have to re-take the entire thing if you failed one part.

In further preparation for your driving test, you can also use the source material from the www.direct.gov.uk in order for you to understand well and learn the theory of driving in its entirety.

Then, you’ll be presented with a total of 50 multiple-choice questions, and five of which are being presented in a case study. Using a touch screen monitor, you will answer them in 57 minutes. Bear in mind that the passing mark is 43 correct answers and up, so getting less than that, you’ve failed.

Bateman stressed that the hazard perception test has been designed to prevent road accidents. It ensures you to react or identify any situation before it becomes serious.  So, it’s as close to real life as possible.

There are 15 hazard scenarios presented during the test, each scores five points. These are presented in 14 clips, one of which has two hazards for you to spot and respond to by clicking a mouse. You need to score 44 from the 75 total in order to pass. All situations are as per those you would encounter in real-life. So, there are no second chances to see them, and the best way to train for this is in a car, but there are also videos and CD-ROMs available so you can practice them effectively.

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