What the Examiner Expects You to Do on Your Driving Test?

After taking your driving lesson Hornchurch you need to take your driving test in order to start driving at your ownDuring the time of your driving test, the examiner expects you to check the car’s doors if they’re firmly closed. If there are passengers on board the car that you’re driving during the test, it’s expected that you also close securely the rear door. Then, it’s also expected that you adjust the seat to fit exactly to your height including its rake and your distance to the pedals. Your foot on the clutch pedal is expected to be completely straight or not too bent as your knee can hit the column of the steering wheel. You can adjust it many times until you can have it right for you comfortably.

On many cars, you can adjust the angle and tilt of the steering column. You can also find in some car models that the steering wheel can be moved forward away from you or you can pull it out towards you according to your height. But make sure that it doesn’t obscure your view towards the instrument panel. In the event of a collision, the car’s air bag will deploy and it could cause damage to your face if you adjust your seat too close to the steering wheel. Remember that as the casing of the air bag quickly ejects, it can injure your face if you are too close to it.

In your driving test, the examiner will also expect you to wear your seatbelt as it’s prescribed by the law unless you’re exempted for health reasons. You must bear in mind that failing to wear your seatbelt could lead to your fines and prosecution. You should always remember that seatbelt is there to save your life, so it’s definitely senseless to ignore something so valuable and provided by the law for your safety. So, here’s how to wear your seatbelt: (1.) Place low the lap strap across your abdomen. (2.) Slip the shoulder strap across your body, and (3.) Clip in securely and make sure that there are no twists in the strap.

Be aware that the strap of the seatbelt is about two inches wide. It’s a bit wider for a reason such as it could easily be seen when twisted. Because, if the seatbelt is twisted as you wear it, will cause injury in the event of road accident. Many car models have height adjustments according to the higher anchor points. So, your passengers should wear the correct seatbelt for their age and size. You should always check the manufacturer’s instructions on how to fit or use these items provided for you and your passengers’ safety as you start your driving career.

The examiner will expect you to precisely adjust the car’s mirrors as these are such important items and very essential to the your safety. Adjust the interior mirror to match the frame of the rear window. This mirror is useless if you can only see the back seat. Be sure you also know the anti-dazzle switch. It’s located on the interior mirror’s lower edge. You can use it during the night travel to deflect the dazzling lights of the following traffic.

The convex side door mirrors can show you a distorted image, and are useful only for checking out movements to the right and left sides of your driven car. You can adjust both your side door mirrors so that they can show a narrow slice of the rear of your car, and approximately half of them can also show the sky and the ground. This can enable you to keep up to date always on what is happening around you whilst driving your car.  Never attempt to make any adjustments to all your car’s mirrors whilst you are already driving on the road. Make sure to do any adjustments before you move off to the road, but if it’s inevitable, you can stop your vehicle at the safe road side and make further adjustments.

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