Are Intensive Driving Courses Hornchurch Worth it?

Driving Lessons with Wests School of Motoring RomfordAlmost everybody wants to finish immediately what has been started. Who amongst us wants to delay a fulfillment of a dream? Probably nobody because in the modern world, almost everyone is on a hurry to get the opportunity that knocks on the door in a midst of numerous competitors around. Take for example a young man who was offered five driving job opportunities in time he learns to drive and get a driving license. He has been dreaming these opportunities to come to his life for a long time, and today these are knocking on his door. Would he take an intensive crash course instead of normal lessons?

A driving Instructor in the United Kingdom (UK) said he isn’t in favour of “normal” lessons as opposed to an intensive course for the following reasons that not everyone can handle an intensive course because they are very tiring. They put a lot of increased pressure on the candidate on the approach to the test, and there’s no such thing as a guaranteed pass, and the pass rates are lower for an Intensive Driving Courses Hornchurch.

But, those in favour of taking the intensive crash courses because they are really very interested about it, will still have to pass the driving test because they are just trailing into the so-called purpose-driven life. As proven by science, the power of positive thinking pushed by the love of the job creates amazing success. So, let the people so interested in pursuing intensive crash courses go ahead and we would wish them luck.

However, there are people who really are not in a hurry and their situation and bodily condition never demand for something intensive. So, taking a crash course is like risking their lives, because the world of driving they’re going into these days is kind of survival of the fittest especially when stack in congested road.

Take this as an example the experience of a 17-year old girl during her test day when she met up for the first time with her instructor after three months since she finished her intensive crash course. Because of the span of time, she had lost confidence, and her practical driving test lasted only five minutes when she got into panic on a roundabout near the Test Centre. She was made to walk back to the Centre. Then, the examiner gave back the keys to the instructor with a stare that said it all the failures.

The intensity of the negative feeling brought by such a failure will see some people become disinterested in crash courses to avoid the same experience. They prefer to go for the sure way even if it takes time – they instead come and enroll at reputable driving schools for a long term courses.

Generally people who have learnt over a period of time are generally better and safer drivers, because they have already driven in a variety of conditions. On the other hand, an expert advice said that if you want to get your license within an acceptable time frame and for the lowest cost, you may speak to people who have recently passed their test and ask who they learnt with and would they recommend them? Don’t be afraid of asking what deals they are offering. Remember that the cheapest is not necessarily the best and could cost you more in the long term.

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