What Makes A Good Driving Instructor?

Say Goodbye To the L PlatesA good driving instructor knows the importance of safe driving skills. He or she must be properly trained and fully experienced in order to provide quality lessons. A good driving instructor is also patient and fully understand that their students especially beginners might have some difficulties absorbing the lessons. Not all students have the same level of skills, which is why they need to adjust their lessons to accommodate the student needs.

Among our safety features include a second steering that allows our instructors to take control in case of need. This second steering has always proven to keep our students safe and also help calm their nerves when they are to have tests on busy highways.

We understand how our accessibility is important to our students hence we have put in place necessary measures to ensure we are easily accessible. We are flexible enough to schedule our effective driving lessons for our students so that they don’t conflict with their personal schedules. Finally, we also go easy on our prices. The prices of our single lessons are fair and we have discounts when our students take more than one lesson.

If you are looking for the best driving instructor in Romford, look no further and give us a call today and we guarantee that you will learn safe driving skills at affordable rates!